Your business is not verified by Google. The information within the listing is not trusted by Google or other search engines. As a result, your business may not get found online by customers or found at all. Corrective Crew can fix this problem. Even if the listing has reviews (“A broken clock is right twice a day. ~ Galileo”) the listing is restricted.

Fact: Google’s algorithm tempers listings until verified. Fixing the problem allows more.

The statement, “Are you the business owner?” stays visible in the Google Maps window until the business, product, brand, artist, or organization becomes verified. When verified (green lights) your business display trusted and available to more search results and wider audiences. Skipping the verification step is a problem because the information connecting the listing, Google, and your customers could be inaccurate. Wrong information creates a disconnect in the search world. Disconnection means lost revenue.

Deliver accurate information fast – every search engine’s goal.

The good news is there is a solution. Google allows companies to verify local listings and with determination and some computer savviness, the process can be completed in a 2-4 weeks. A better option is to utilize our expertise – we help clients get found on the internet. We are good at it because of our deep passion for the web and years of experience. Your reward is receiving a professional listing fully utilized for customers to see. Extra bonus, you save hours of time and frustration trying to learn a new trade. As a Google Local Guide with the highest rating possible, we understand Google Maps! Local listings and helping companies get found through some of our other services is what we do every day. We can help you!

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