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Minneapolis, 392,880 people (2012) in 54.9 square miles, 100% urban. You have a business here, or a service you provide. If anyone performed an online search for your business, would they find you? If they used “keyword Minneapolis”, for example, “architect in Minneapolis”, “hair stylist in Minneapolis”, “organic food market in Minneapolis”, would you be found…and clicked? Do maps connect you?

What are the words people would use to find you in Google Search or Google Maps?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and local MEO (Map Engine Optimization), is the art and science of maximizing opportunities to be found and clicked. Actually, is just to be found, but we added the clicked part — because it’s the real goal. SEO/MEO uses specific competition analysis, keywords research, local mapping expertise, website design, search engine compliance and many other criterias to make your site flow naturally to the top positions of search results. You are welcome to read through our website, blog, and connect with us through social. We are here to help. More information can be read throughout our website and social sites.

If you want SEO or MEO in Minneapolis/St. Paul or in greater Minnesota, we’re here. If you want to get found on Google locally, if you want to be clicked, we can help. No need for acronyms and technical specifics from you. Just get found on Google, and get found in Minneapolis.

Drop us a line and let’s put your business on the front page of the screens of the customer looking for the business or service you provide.

ps: We can also help you get this.

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Some data you may like to know: Google owns 67% of US search market (comScore 2014), i.e, 2/3 of searches are performed on Google search box. Bing owns 18%. In mobile searches, Google is even more dominant, with 87%, almost 9 in each 10 searches made in a cell phone use Google.

If you don’t count entertainment and social apps like Facebook and Pandora, the top use of any mobile is Google Search (4) and Google Maps (6). Search and Maps. People looking for an answer, for some service, some direction.


:-) Be found on the web using SEO, MEO & Content Strategy. In Minneapolis, MN. page contents