A business that doesn’t appear on Google search results or in Google Maps nowadays is virtually a ghost walking the desert (unless you are Coke or Nike, or have the marketing budget they have). It’s virtually nonexistent.

If your business, site or Google+ page does not appear on Google Maps, it’s time to turn off this damaging invisibility and to start making it visible, very visible. You’re not making any profit from invisibility. There are some important steps to make it so, and I believe there are not many people aware of them (that’s why they still don’t appear on Google Maps): there is filling all the important information about the business, to make it eligible to Google machines, to verify it and to connect to Google properties.

Google has a set of instructions and important guidelines that may help you, and that you will actually need to fulfil, like this one and this other one here.

Or we can do this service for you, professionally. Just connect with us and you’ll have the best way that Google Business Listings can be done for you. We can start the process immediately, going through the steps to make you start showing up on Google Maps as soon as possible — correctly, efficiently and verified.

Plus, after having started appearing on the map, you can take the next step, and of course, we can help you here too. More than seeing your business appearing on the map, you will  want to see it appear among the top results. If you are in a busy market, with a lot of competitors around you (restaurants, drugstores, markets, hair stylists, etc), it’s even more important that you stand out. And for that there is the science of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). That would be the next step. That makes you able to chase a leading position in search results for people who search for your kind of product or service. And also make your profit more certain.

I guess you get the picture: the better your presence and your services online, the more your business will appear under the eyes of everybody and the more you will profit from it. Not an idea, not wishful thinking: reality.

Creating new and efficient websites, building social network presence, publishing content about the company, products, services, building networks and making it smartly compliant to the technology that runs the Internet, that’s our business.

Contact us if you feel you want help in any of those. We appreciate your business.

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