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The first contact that a new customer of yours may have with your business is a link on the Google search results page. “What’s that?” is what usually goes in their mind when they scroll the page with 10 results, together with another subjacent and more important decision: “Which result should I click?” (or “Which result should I click FIRST?”). If the users decision is right, they may never return to that Google search results page.

Are you that result?

If not, we’re going to talk about some fundamental factors that will definitely help people click on your site on Google search results. Below there are three of them, but consider that there is a factor zero, previous to all results, that is the position of the result: the more up it is, more eyeballs it will have. Now on to the three factors:

1 – The Title. The first thing that the user reads. After the title has worked essentially to get you in front of your user’s eyes, now it’s time to work on user decision. Is your title attractive? Convincing? Descriptive? And is it better than the other nine results?

2 – The Description. After the Title, the Description will be the focus of the user’s scanning. What’s in it? Is it attractive, descriptive, human, and convincing? Does it compose a good flow of text with your Title?

3 – Star reviews. If you have a product or a service, like a restaurant, drug store, hotel, etc, this may be a convincing addition to your link on Google search results page. See in this example how some results show star rating review for “Indian food Miami“. See for yourself how the high rating (of course) helps the user want to click. This is what we call Rich Snippet, and Google has some instructions in case you want to install on your site right away.

Keep in touch, we’re writing more about that in the next posts. Thanks!


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