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Search engines and web crawlers need to provide the most relevant information when someone does a search. Optimizing your web presence allows your information to be indexed in a fraction of a second. That fraction of a second is your opportunity on the web.

Most businesses depend on fresh new clients and a steady stream of customers. Where are yours coming from? Where ever they are they use the web and a mobile device. People are connected to social media, web searches, company reviews, driving directions, and finding answers – often.

“Site owners choose whether their sites are crawled” ~ Google Search

With over 60 trillion (constantly growing) pages on the internet, how does yours get found? For Google, Bing, and Yahoo to recognize your online presence, steps have to be taken. Similarly to unlocking your door so customers can walk in. Do you know and understand those steps? We do and we’re here to help you.

:-) Be found on the web using SEO, MEO & Content Strategy. In Minneapolis, MN. page contents