There is no sure way to get to the 1st result of Google search results page because of the immense amount of factors that contribute to that, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do the best you can do to go in that direction. Below, we listed 10 things to strongly consider on how to be the first result on Google:

1) What keywords do you want to be the first result? Ex: “organic apples in San Diego”, “used SUVs in Atlanta” or “Indian restaurant in Minneapolis”.

2) Who are your competitors and how they appear within Google search results. What if there are already 20 competitors with popular websites full of the same keywords you want? You need to check that and set up your work accordingly.

3) How “popular” you are on the web? Popular meaning how many links from other websites to your website. This was the original center of the PageRank algorithm Google created to measure website relevance.

4) How often the keywords you want are found on your website? If you don’t have real original content about them, and a balanced presence of them for different places, there is no way you rise up in the results.

5) Do you deliver? If you have “organic apples in San Diego” but your product is weak, or expensive, or anything that makes people go back to the Google search results, Google is able to register that and start to lower your position. At least for that one user.

6) Where in the URL your keywords are? This feature used to have stronger relevance, but it still have some importance. If your website has the same situation (content, links, age, etc) as the, people searching for “organic apples” will find the latter website first.

7) Your website has a good sitemap and robots.txt? Those are technical files that help Google index robots to find all your content and index them correctly. And keep seeing your website as a trusted result.

8) Is your business listed and authenticated on Google Maps? This is relatively new, but it’s very important.

9) Are you monitoring by the numbers? Monitoring and fine tuning are like brother and sister in the art of the rising search results. Use your Analytics software and Google SERP apps to keep tuned in.

10) Do you have a verified Google+ account? If you do, you can use some special code to tie that to your website and get a “plus” point in trustability.


To appear as the first result on Google, you’ll have to do that and more, but those 10 points are super very important. It is not possible to absolutely guarantee a website will be the first search result, or it always be in the current place, but the above tips will help promote in many ways.

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