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Have you ever learned of destinations missed or point of interest after returning from a road trip or vacation? More times than can be counted have the thought or words been said “I wished I knew about that before I left.”

A helpful use for Google Maps is plotting points when you learn of them. Search for the attraction and then press the star with the words SAVE below. The destination is now saved and when traveling of in the area, it will show on your map screen. The best part is you won’t need to remember the name or location of those great places you heard about sometime in the past, it’s all saved right there for you.

Corrective Crew Map Starred Location

Residing in the great state of Minnesnowta, exploring during the summer months is a marvellous opportunity to recharge the batteries (insert winter car joke) after a long MN winter. As Minnesotians – our heritage is to get outside, ride bike trails (voted #1 city for bicyclists,) hike trails, feel the splash of water on our faces at one of the 11,000-15,000 lakes, savor great food or barbeque on a warm nights, and enjoy laughter with friends and family.

#OnlyinMN Commercial

#OnlyinMN Commercial

With so many opportunities for new experiences, how does one possibly remember to visit a flower garden after reading an article 6 months ago?

During adventures or road trips with my kids, we often visit the stars I have saved in my Google Maps. Anytime I read articles like the one from Explore Minnesota talking about 18 Free Things to do in Minnesota, I immediately save the destinations into my main Google Map. Here is a map with the listings from that article you are free to use during your own explorations. The disc golf and Grand Rounds were left off because one had too many locations and the other is a National Scenic Byway around Minneapolis. The Superior Hiking Trail (SHT) pin drop is the actual headquarters for the SHT Association and not the trail stretching from Duluth to the Canadian border along the Minnesota’s North Shore. The map becomes helpful if we drive to Grand Marias, Brainard, Rochester, or one of the other popular Minnesota towns.

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Have a fun and safe summer. #OnlyinMN

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