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The many factors that affect SEO, also known as the art and science of making a site appear relevant in search engine results. The “chemical elements” of a new Periodic Table made by SEO-focused site Search Engine Land. The image shows controlled “On-the-Page Factors” SEO signals; Content (text, media), Architecture (design), and HTML (code.) Less controllable “Off -the-Page Factors” SEO signals; Trust, Links, Personal, Social, and other factors. All signals (37 listed with many others) with their own correspondent weight (meaning power of influence.)

Our experience has shown businesses use resources on one or two signals while neglecting other important elements and dimensions. The combination of elements can be relative to how strong direct competitors use those same elements. Having zero competitors or five thousand effects the frequency of content updates, links, and timeline for best results.

Using this table as a guide, we could upgrade the weight of some elements to create better PageRank. Client example – we emphasised at least two ranking factors in the Content elements column: Fresh Content (to +4) and Use of Keywords (to +5). Our belief is these two factors hold more importance to be kept at average weight

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See the complete table here. More explanation here.

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