Why Corrective Crew – Today, we are a growing team who’s focus is to help your potential customers find you easily as possible using maps on their mobile device or computer. Fixing this problem gives you better search results through search engine optimization (SEO), happier customers, and an opportunity for more sales.

Why Maps – In April 2012, I purchased a pair of boots that had a tear and were drastically discounted.  As a “tech dude”, I did a local search looking for a shoe repair shop where I could get my new boots fixed. Nothing appeared.  Eventually, a friend mentioned a local guy in New Hope that offered this service. John’s Shoe Repair has 20+ years of servicing shoes, boots, and many other leather repairs, shoe shine, sole replacement and many other services. After I spoke with John and understood his situation, I helped him create a listing on Maps so his craft could be easily found by other locals needed his service.

Why Me – I started this business so I could help clients while utilizing my talents.  I am hard-working, loyal and great at solving problems.  I am well-travelled and adventurous and am the resource for many people when they are looking for a recommendation of a service, business or need a solution.  I also am the dad who is home when my kids arrive after school and bring them to school activities, feed them healthy meal and teach them the values that were instilled in me.  I have been faced with many challenges the past few years with debt, cancer, divorce, and the passing of a dear canine companion (Rebos) of almost 16 years. The gratitude and determination to live this life at the highest level boils within my soul. Every day I ask myself how I can be a better man and keep life in perspective because life is life for all of us and our reality is what we see. Thank you for trusting me and my team.  We will do everything in our power to satisfy our customers.

John’s Shoe Repair

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