We have shared a story by Neil Patel on our Facebook page (How to Increase Your Website’s Traffic Without Any Marketing), so we would like to replicate here and say a couple of more words about it. The subject is increasing traffic with minor maneuvers.

We’ve said that there are three important factors that we must take care in this story:

1) Long Tail & Google. We have been observing that Google is “translating” some keywords when a user performs a search, so the Long Tail is a bit affected by that: the word “first some word“, for example, may be interpreted as “top some word” in some circumstances (where some word is an example of a specific word). So if you are really better at the “top” keyword, you may appear in very good position when “first” is searched for.

2) URLs shouldn’t change. The URLs shouldn’t be tweaked as the tags/titles are — or it may miss your links out there. Even if you have redirect scripts, this isn’t as good as having the original links valid.

3) The Art & Science of keywords. The whole tweaking and sprinkling words should be a mix of skillful communication, like knowing how the user searches and which keywords may be better, and statistical analysis, meaning the research of what is really out there being found and clicked.

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